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Hear from just a few clients of HELPS and ANSWERS:

"Shirley Graham is my brother's guardian angel and a life saver for me. Without going into great detail, I will say that she helped him become financially secure and independent. Her kindness and winning personality won him over from day one and he is not a trusting person. She provided unfailing morale support and endless reassurance to me 3 states away from Missouri. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a caring and knowledgeable individual to assist with an aging relative. She DEFINITELY knows the ropes for getting things done with social security and medical assistance. She has amazing contacts who can do things around the house and they can be trusted. That is SO helpful when you are out of town. I cannot say enough good stuff about Shirley. She is fun and upbeat, a great friend and I KNOW that God has a special spot already reserved for her in heaven!!!"- Pam S., San Antonio, TX

"Living in Phoenix, I was desparate to find some help for my 86-year-old mom who was living alone after my father died in 1998.  Calling around to agencies, I was fortunate enough to be referred to H.E.L.P.S. 
My siblings and I all traveled to St. Louis to meet with Shirley, and were very impressed with her from the very beginning.  She and her co-workers began to visit our Mom a couple of times per week and when we heard from Mom how pleased she was and realized how well this arrangement was working, we increased the days Mom received visits from these ladies.  Once we heard Mom speaking positively about this arrangement, we felt so happy that we had found her!  I call Shirley our Angel in St. Louis and highly recommend her services.  She is indeed a professional, but her compassion is what makes her agency stand head and shoulders above all others.  She is just the best!"- Caroline R, Phoenix, AZ

"I met Shirley Graham through my cousin who lives out of town.  She told me about A.N.S.W.E.R.S. when I was talking about buying a raised chair for the toilet for an elderly relative, Mary, to use when she visited me at my home. My cousin just mentioned my need for the raised seat to Shirley in passing while on the phone with her and when we met with Shirley for lunch later that week she had not only the safety toilet seat,  but also a quad cane for Mary stashed in the back of her van!  How wonderful to provide such a needed service AND recycle equipment that others no longer need.  It gets even better: now I have taken a fall and need the raised safety seat myself and I already had it in the guest bath ready to use.  Shirley is a wonderful caring person and A.N.S.W.E.R.S. is a great help." - Alice W. in St. Peters, MO 

"H.E.L.P.S. has been of tremendous assistance to me.  Being an only child, a busy homeschooling mother of four, and 25 minutes from my parents, I found it very difficult to give my mom and dad the care, attention and services they needed as they aged.  In the several years prior to my dad's 2008 death, my parents required medicine set-ups and reminders, transportation to the bank, doctor's appointments and stores, and assistance with paperwork and financial matters, not to mention elder advice and help with cooking and daily living activities.  I never would have been able to manage my busy life and homeschool my children had it not been for Shirley and her aide taking on the care of my parents.  Her services have been invaluable to my sanity and peace of mind.  Furthermore, when my dad broke his hip and required acute hospital and nursing home care for three months, Shirley's knowledge in filling out the necessary paperwork was indispensable.  I never would have been able to tread the paperwork path all alone.  I am thankful for her help and grateful for her services to my parents." - Kari F., St. Louis, MO

"We were put in contact with Shirley Graham and H.E.L.P.S. at a time when my aging parents' health began to deteriorate.  Living outside of Missouri and having no experience caring for elders, I felt like the most fortunate person in the world to have access to a truly knowledgeable, experienced, and caring gerontologist.
Shirley guided us through the intricacies of home health care, finances, and the assorted issues that arose for my parents.  I will always be immensely grateful for the assistance that Shirley provided, and I truly consider the value of H.E.L.P.S. to far exceed any monetary cost.  If your aging loved ones are in need, you will not be disappointed by Shirley's skill, honesty, and warm personality.” - Laura S., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"My aunt is in her mid-nineties, suffers from Alzheimer's and is mostly bed-ridden.  She requires someone on premises all night and most of the day to provide medical assistance, feeding and hygiene, as well as to provide conversational stimulus.  I witnessed first hand the quality and caring of HELPS service when I spent several days in my aunt's home this past winter.  All daily care and activities are documented, just as one would find in any hospital, and Ms. Graham makes personal calls to visit and confirm status of each of her clients.  I trust her judgment in providing care givers and in obtaining those needed household services from outside sources - for instance, which plumber to call, which heating/cooling service to trust - decisions I can't make from this distance. I find Ms. Graham's dedication to her clients and their families very reassuring."- Patti R., Heights, CA






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